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My longtime friend from high school captured this moment during a weekend getaway in Cape May, N.J.
Friendships that stand the tests of time and place
-- like this one -- are a gift.
- Liza Horan, Editor

A note from the Editor, Liza Horan

Thank you visiting Just A Moment, which is devoted is exploring and sharing the moments that demonstrate the power each of us have to affect our world. These moments can be big or small, up or down, words or thoughts, loud or quiet, active or still, public or private. All of them are powerful because they affect our "now" and may have a ripple effect to affect our future.

"The only things we control are our attitude and our effort."

I read that unattributed quote a few years ago and repeat it often. The powerful premise is both humbling and freeing. The maxim is widespread now and that's a good thing. If we all realize that we are in charge of our perceptions and our interactions, we will make conscious choices. Great things can spring from this.

I moved to New York City in 1998 and started writing about "New York Moments." These uncovered the humanity within city life. Like the time I was crossing 41st Street at Park Ave. at rush hour and a lady slipped on the curb and fell. Immediately -- and seemingly from nowhere -- nine hands of passers-by reached out to lift her up. The chatter of "Are you okay?" was in unison. She was, but I think we were all a little shell-shocked -- and uplifted -- that her tumble created such a response. We all carried on, back to rushing wherever we were headed.

I felt such "New York Moment" stories should be told, but wrote only for myself at that time. (I'll be posting them here, with the original dates noted.)

Such interactions are abundant in this city because we're in such close quarters. But you wouldn't know it by watching the local news.

Don't believe everything you read, especially with today's media. I've worked in media for 20+ years, yet I am critic of the sensationalism and bias that now pervade this always-on news cycle. Reporting the "news" on network TV has given way to editorializing, grandstanding and puffery, and "reality TV" showcases people who become extreme caricatures of themselves over time.

In this environment, we should give more weight to our own experiences, and respect the power each of has to create and influence our own world. It can be overwhelming to think about all that's wrong in the world -- starving or abused children, baby militants, mistreated animals, the extinction of precious flora and fauna, pollution, health crises, political corruption, etc. Each of these is a real downer, and we wonder how we can effect change.

We can affect our world. And each word and each action have a ripple effect.

Thoughts > Words > Actions > Behaviors

Behavior reflects values. And in all my experience, I've come to believe that a holistic approach to a happiness means aligning values and actions. That's why I share books and products that support this aspirational lifestyle.

I hope you will share yours, too!


I'm a writer and editor by trade who switched from print journalism to digital media in 1995, when I launched TENNIS.com for The New York Times Co. Magazine Group. Since then I've led digital strategy efforts to grow audience (size and engagement) and increase revenue across websites, social media, email, video, and mobile for such companies as ESPN, software companies, manufacturers, trade associations, and more. My consultancy, Media Moxie LLC, provides digital strategy and communications for a variety of clients. I earned a master's degree in strategic communications at Columbia University, and I graduated from Mount Saint Mary's University with a major in sociology and a minor in journalism. View my LinkedIn Profile.

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