Countdown to Clean #3: Sneak in your eight cups a day

Tip: Stay hydrated by disguising water in healthy flavors. Problem: Knowing how important it is to drink enough water every day doesn’t make it taste any better. Sure, the human adult body is 60 percent water and the brain is 85 percent water, and water helps us absorb nutrients, maintain body temperature, control appetite, and run all our systems. But it’s so much more fun to reach for […]

Countdown to Clean #2: Give two gifts for the price of one

Tip: Buy holiday gifts that give back. Problem: Following the materialistic binge of frenzied Black Friday sales, Small Business Saturday promotions and Cyber Monday online marketing, finally we have arrived at #GivingTuesday. This day is like Alka-Selzer tonic after a weekend of heavy partying. Yes, we are a country of materialistic consumers who don’t really need more things yet we’re always looking for creative gifts (why I favor experiences as […]

Countdown to Clean #1: Tune up that smile, naturally

Tip: Brush your teeth at night with a natural toothpaste. Problem: We brush our teeth to feel fresh and clean, and to support oral health, but did you know that traditional toothpaste contains toxins? In addition to additives and preservatives — including color dyes and sugar — toothpaste contains toxins and other ingredients that can compromise health. Triclosan is one of these. It has been banned in the European […]