Humanity is challenged, once again, in London

The murders carried out nearby London Bridge last night were not the work of religious men but members of a cult. “This is for Allah,” shouted a perpetrator as he stabbed a girl at least 10 times, according to eyewitnesses. “This is for Allah,” hollered the perpetrators as they ran into crowds, kicking and stabbing people, say eyewitnesses. I missed this scene by about 10 minutes. Had I not […]

Good manners can ease these polarizing times

We live in uncertain, trying times. Uncertain because several surprises have arisen, from general elections and corruption in the “civilized” world to genocide and terrorism. Trying because we are constantly confronted with situations or outcomes that don’t reflect our values. We feel that our own way of life is under threat and that we don’t control it. The past year has brought questions like these: Where’s the balance […]

Tough moments can cast a shadow on all

Everyone I know is struggling with the shock, horror and sadness surrounding the Metro-North commuter train accident that killed five people last week in Valhalla, N.Y. Reports say it will take one year to understand how an S.U.V. got stuck on the railroad crossing moments before a train traveling nearly 60 m.p.h. came barreling through, smashed the car, lifted the third rail into the carriage … and made our […]

“The Last Ship” cast and score are unforgettable

“The Last Ship” is so moving, evidenced by the feedback of fans on Twitter and Facebook. People share openly that their lives have been changed by this production. Pretty incredible testament for a two-hour musical. There are many dimensions so it strikes people in different ways. (See “The Last Ship” is a gripping tale of three types of love for my own take.) I’ve seen it twice and must […]

“The Last Ship” is a gripping tale of three types of love

“The Last Ship,” Sting’s musical that ends its run on Broadway this Saturday, has a hold on me. It is a powerful, exhilarating story of hopes, dreams, disappointments, and triumphs of love. This musical tells the story of a teenager, Gideon, who flees the ship-building town of Wallsend in the north of England to seek a different life for himself than that of his father, his father’s father, and every […]

“Remember the love”: An unexpected mantra kicks off my new year

I was all set to write about how 2014 had been a transformative year for me. The lessons I’ve learned. The newfound practices I’ve cultivated. How I was going to make these things my lifestyle. But then my cat died. It was on the evening of New Year’s Day. My dear friend from high school was visiting me for a week, and we enjoyed a half-day outing of a five-mile […]

Countdown to Clean #3: Sneak in your eight cups a day

Tip: Stay hydrated by disguising water in healthy flavors. Problem: Knowing how important it is to drink enough water every day doesn’t make it taste any better. Sure, the human adult body is 60 percent water and the brain is 85 percent water, and water helps us absorb nutrients, maintain body temperature, control appetite, and run all our systems. But it’s so much more fun to reach for […]

Countdown to Clean #2: Give two gifts for the price of one

Tip: Buy holiday gifts that give back. Problem: Following the materialistic binge of frenzied Black Friday sales, Small Business Saturday promotions and Cyber Monday online marketing, finally we have arrived at #GivingTuesday. This day is like Alka-Selzer tonic after a weekend of heavy partying. Yes, we are a country of materialistic consumers who don’t really need more things yet we’re always looking for creative gifts (why I favor experiences as […]

Countdown to Clean #1: Tune up that smile, naturally

Tip: Brush your teeth at night with a natural toothpaste. Problem: We brush our teeth to feel fresh and clean, and to support oral health, but did you know that traditional toothpaste contains toxins? In addition to additives and preservatives — including color dyes and sugar — toothpaste contains toxins and other ingredients that can compromise health. Triclosan is one of these. It has been banned in the European […]

Countdown to Clean on

Countdown to Clean: Easy ways to an awesome 2015

Want a fresh start to 2015? Join me for “Countdown to Clean” during December, where we’ll trade bad practices for good ones to start the New Year with promise. 2015 can be the best year ever, and this process will provide specific easy steps to make small decisions that yield big outcomes. Happiness is the goal, and I will share simple tips that guide your everyday choices to get it. Out with […]