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Provence lavender field. PHOTO ShutterstockGet swept away in a field of organic lavender

Bulgarian Lavender Hand & Body Lotion by Desert Essence ORGANICS
8 fl. oz. | MSRP $8.99

I discovered this lotion at Whole Foods Market while on the prowl for a naturally scented almond lotion. While I did find the almond version by Desert Essence, I couldn't resist also buying this one.

It hooked me immediately.

That was several years ago and I'm still using it daily when I get out of the shower or bath. The scent is clean, strong and pure, as there's no mixing with vanilla or citrus or any other herb. Pure lavender.

PURE BLISS. This organic lotion feels like you are being swept away in a lavender field -- without overpowering your senses or being fake.

The Bulgarian species of lavender is not as common as French or Spanish, but it's known throughout Eastern Europe for its healing affect on the skin, according to The lotion works as a natural and fresh perfume, but lasts for a couple of hours at most. Some people like to layer a perfume or another natural scent, such as vanilla, over a scented lotion.

The consistency of this product is just right to me. The carrier for this tremendous-yet-not-overpowering scent is jojoba oil and organic shea butter. I use a nickel-sized squeeze of lotion for my upper body and then a dime-sized squirt for each leg. It's not greasy at all and soaks in immediately.

The best part is that it is so healthful and so affordable:

Lavender is most well known as an herb that promotes relaxation, but the essential oil is known to aid digestion and hair loss. Find more info on lavender on this page at

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