Halloween’s real trick is the treats

This was my first Halloween without candy. That’s big. Seems like an oxymoron to mark All Hallow’s Eve without a sugar rush, right? The $8 billion U.S. candy market is counting on it and so, this holiday (horror-day!) is more about the treats than any tricks. I remember my elementary school years, going door-to-door with a plastic pumpkin and UNICEF box to gather candy and pennies. We lived in a […]

Can I get an order of inspiration to go, please?

After a wondrous, energizing week on Block Island I closed up my rented cottage, then met a realtor for a quick walk-through on a rental I’m considering for my next trip here — during the high season, if I can last that long before returning. Then I drove to the ferry, and my car was first in line to board. With 20 minutes to spare, I walked across […]

Block Island: A world of exploration, and transformation, lies within one tiny island

Block Island lies 12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, yet it’s a world away. It’s the kind of place where paved roads turn to dirt and then to sand; beaches are imprinted with feet, paws, hooves, and talons; the ocean scent and sound of waves surround; and passers-by look you in the eye and smile. It’s the kind of place people escape to lose the everyday. And to find themselves. […]

Nature inspires a step out of the comfort zone

I’ve been in Block Island three days now, and I am so inspired — by the nature, the landscapes, the ocean, the sunsets, the sounds, everything. It makes anything and everything feel possible. I think this invigorating inspiration is capable of drawing out our best and encourages stepping outside the comfort zone. I have been doing that this week…I got back into yoga, I’m trying to cut out dairy, and I even ordered fish for […]

The book that shifted my universe

“Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D.   If I had read the back cover, I probably wouldn’t have read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian L. Weiss. It talks of reincarnation, which sounds like an old concept and nothing that’s going to help me figure out “right now.” But I heard of it third-hand during a conversation about why certain places resonate with us. […]

Provence lavender field. PHOTO Shutterstock

Meet my daily fix of lavender

Get swept away in a field of organic lavender PRODUCT REVIEW Bulgarian Lavender Hand & Body Lotion by Desert Essence ORGANICS 8 fl. oz. | MSRP $8.99 I discovered this lotion at Whole Foods Market while on the prowl for a naturally scented almond lotion. While I did find the almond version by Desert Essence, I couldn’t resist also buying this one. It hooked me immediately. That was several years ago […]

Dare yourself to connect with strangers.

Finding service with a personal touch IS possible in an anonymous city

In this city of 9 million residents and millions more of tourists, it’s easy to go through the motions and errands of each day anonymously. Locals are adept at getting in and out of places quickly. We walk purposefully, eyes down, and we’re often in a rush. We know how many seconds it takes to cross the street as the crosswalk indicator blinks and how many inches we […]

A shopping trip tests nerves, then something beautiful happens

Last Saturday I finally acted on a long-held plan to get modular bookcases and other home organization items to transform my living space toward the streamlined, light, airy place I envisioned. This step was earned by sorting through clothes, linens, housewares, and memories to figure out what I could live without and then donating or tossing it. So I drove to the home goods superstore to fulfill my […]